Which company offers the best CCTV installations in London

There are different companies for CCTV installation London. The famous one among all is WLS. WLS known as West London Security Company is the most famous company in London which provides security services to their customers. The company is NSI Gold approved and has 20 years above experience. The company is able to cover any size of project in London.


IP CCTV installations enable one to monitor the security systems of their homes on the phone or any other such device. One can also adjust the heating, lighting and the locking of doors through phone.


If you are not able to buy an IP CCTV system then WLS can install the HD CCTV cameras. There are different cameras types available in market. In case of HD CCTV, a HD Digital Video Recorder is required.


WLS includes many other systems such as ANPR and pet monitoring camera system. ANPR stands for automatic number plate recognition. Such vehicles help in identifying the vehicle by their number plate. Pet monitoring system helps in keeping an eye on pets.

Repair Service

In case of any problem or error, WLS provides a CCT repair and maintenance service to their customers.

Different companies have different policies and different working style. The services which they provide to their customer make them unique and best.